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2019 thirty-third Guangzhou Adsale Exhibition held successfully

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ChinaPlas International Rubber Plastics Exhibition "Along with China's plastics and rubber industry, it has grown more than 30 years since the growth of Asia, has become the most large-scale Rubber and Place Exhibition in Asia, and has produced a positive role in the development of China's rubber industry. Currently, "ChinaPlas International Rubber Plastic Exhibition " is not just Asia's largest plastic and rubber industry exhibition, industry insiders are more recognized by the German"K Exhibition" in the world's largest rubber and plastivation exhibition, become a rubber plant industry The world's second largest exhibition.

This exhibition we boost 30 square meters, booth number: 3.2s39, 7 people to send people, a total of hundreds of customers. More gratifying, the new STD gearbox is sold on the spot, and a series of good news will be placed on site.

Thirty-third Guangzhou Adsale

In our exhibits, there are newly developed gun gearboxes, more three-screw gearbox, and there are fewer manufacturers that can be made on the market in the three screw gearbox. The successful debut is unanimously praised. The design of the gun gearbox combines China's elements, so that the entire shape is full, the color value explosion, attracting many customers to watch, and therefore got a lot of valuable comments.

The thirty-third Guangzhou elegant

The thirty-third Guangzhou elegant

The thirty-third Guangzhou elegant

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