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CIBF 2023 | Zhitian Twin Screw Battery Slurry Extruder Parts Barrel & Gearbox

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Twin Screw Continuous Slurry Extruder | Barrel and Gearbox

CIBF 2023 Nanjing Zhitian Booth Number: 1T287

double screw extruder battery slurry accessories manufacturer

Specializing in the production and research and development of extruder accessories for twenty years!

The 15th Shenzhen International Battery Technology Exchange Conference/Exhibition (CIBF 2023) was grandly opened at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Nanjing Zhitian (Booth: 1T287) brought the twin-screw extruder accessories used for new energy battery slurry to the exhibition site, which attracted much attention. For more information, please visit www.njzhitian.com or email zt@njzhitian.com. Twin-screw extrusion slurry is an innovative technology in the lithium battery industry, which can realize the continuous production of battery slurry and improve the production efficiency and quality of lithium batteries. However, the special nature of battery slurry imposes higher standards on twin-screw extruders, not only requiring wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but also customization according to the different characteristics of battery positive and negative electrodes. Nanjing Zhitian Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic manufacturer and developer of extruder accessories and an explorer of new material technology. Since its establishment in 2006, the company has provided high-quality products and services to multiple fields such as plastic chemical industry, food processing, powder coating, military technology and battery slurry with nearly 20 years of technical accumulation and innovation capabilities.

High wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant barrel “Special for battery slurry system”

Twin-screw battery slurry extruder barrel

Twin-screw extruder barrel

High wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant twin-screw barrel

This barrel has excellent comprehensive performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, heat resistance and good impact toughness.

ZT-A twin-screw gearbox “Special for battery slurry system”

ZT-A twin-screw gearbox “Special for battery slurry system”

The ZT-A gearbox is specially designed and developed for twin-screw continuous battery slurry extruders. It adopts a built-in oil circuit, compact and optimized structural design, and a perfect combination of low cost and bearing capacity.

Nanjing Zhitian Electromechanical Co., Ltd

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